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Our Micro Package

Our Micro Package

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking—and an equally huge investment—leaving modern couples torn on whether it’s worth it. Weddings these days average well over $30,000, and the guest count?


It may be dropping slowly, but most couples still celebrate with nearly 150 of their friends and family members (which doesn’t really merit the “nearest and dearest” descriptor). You and your partner may have joked about eloping, but if you know you can’t bring yourselves to buck all tradition, there’s another option: a micro wedding.

What Is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is an intimate affair, typically with no more than 50 guests. They still feature time-honored traditions that make a wedding but on a much smaller scale. Ready to go micro?  We turned to the pros for the planning tips you’ll need to make this small-scale celebration as memorable as a ballroom blowout bash.

Don’t Sacrifice the Chance to Celebrate

“I’ve stopped so many people from just going down to the courthouse,” says Annie Lee, principal planner of Daughter of Design. “Why would you miss this opportunity to do something special?”

1. Initial planning consultation


2. Premium Disposable Plates and Silverware

3. DJ contracted for 4 hours to handle ceremony, cocktail and reception

4. Buffet Dinner ( Drop Off)


Choose 2 (hot or Cold) 


   - Italian Bruschetta 

   - Charred Melon Feta 

   - Classic Caprese 


   -3 cheese stuffed

   - Empanadas (beef or Chicken) 

   - Spanakopita

   - Mac N Cheese Bites 


Grazing Station: Either 2 apps OR 1 Grazing Station.

  - Pimento Cheese Dip 

  - Chips and Salsa 

  - Waldorf Chicken Salad 

  - Hummus Grazing Station 

Entree: Pick 2 


  - Lemon Rosemary Roasted Chicken 

  - Chicken Piccata 

  - Chicken Marsala 


  - BBQ Pulled Pork 

  - Italian Baked Ziti


  - Hanger steak with Chimichurri 

  - Filet with Au Jus 


  - Simply Seared Salmon

  - Shrimp and Grits 


 Vegetable:One choice

  - Vegetable Medley 

  - Green Beans (choose style)

  - Lemon Parmesan Broccoli 


 Starch: One Choice

  - Rosemary Roasted Baby Potatoes 

  - Garlic Mashed Potatoes

  - Arroz Con Gandules

  - Congri Rice 

  - Short Noodle Pasta with choice of sauce (marinara, Pesto, or Alfredo) 



  - Caesar Salad 

  - House Salad

  served with Ranch and Balsamic 



  - Parker House Rolls

$5000 ( up to 35 People)

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